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We offer relaxing massage with oils (also warm), massage of the back and shoulders to relieve muscle tension and 30-minute massages for busy people. For rest, after stages of high stress or demanding challenges – we recommend foot reflexotherapy. Blissful pleasure and long-lasting effect of wonderfully soft skin will be provided by our original care rituals: Relaxed Body Pure Mind, Bali Time and Revithaization.

What can we give your company?

Om Thai Spa offers absolute innovation in the field of caring for the health and happiness of employees. It is widely known that a happy employee is a good employee, but what does it really mean?

Any smaller or larger company that is aware of the importance of comfort that can provide its employees with giving them free physical activities, entertainment or access to culture, uses this privilege with pride and pleasure. Over the past decade, companies that focus on happy employees have been outdoing each other in ideas for attractions for their crews. And these attractions fulfill two functions – they can be one of the factors deciding whether a future employee will respond positively to a job offer in a given company or whether will agree to stay with it for a longer period, thanks to the feeling of comfort and being important. And well-kept.

But are we sure we have depleted all the possibilities?

Society’s awareness of the importance of rest in the professionally active lifestyle is growing year by year. However, we don’t always know how to really effectively recover from episodes of increased mental and physical exertion.

We have got used to a narrow selection of physical activities and forms of relaxation, limiting ourselves mainly to the use of gyms, swimming pools and squash courts. These are fantastic methods to get back in shape, but we can really give ourselves more! We forget that rest is only fully effective when the mind rests with the body. Similarly, restarting the mind will not bring the desired results if it is not combined with relaxation of the whole body.

This is harmony – the key to success and our proposal, which we address to everyone – from directors, through managers, to regular employees.

5 benefits that we offer to your company:

  • an innovative way of using funds from the Company Social Benefits Fund – a relaxing massage will be a great complement to other physical activities and forms of relaxation that you will offer to your employees
  • massage services on the list of additional profits will have a positive impact on the company’s image in the eyes of future employees – it is an unconventional way to go beyond benefits such as Multisport card, which are now standard in most companies
  • a well-rested and pampered employee is a happy and effective employee – research results show that regular and effective rest for the body and mind has a positive effect on energy and motivation to work, and thus on the results of entire teams, and finally companies
  • vouchers for traditional Thai Massage and relaxing spa rituals are a great idea for original gifts for contractors. Going for a massage together is also an innovative idea for a less formal business meeting or an original gift for the entire team for a successful end of the project
  • our massages reach a wide audience and are suitable for everyone. It is a great choice for people who do not like going to the gym or fitness classes. There is a reason why traditional Thai massage is also called passive yoga – it is a form of physical activity that strengthens muscles and joints, but does not require effort. In this way, the company invites absolutely every employee to take advantage of the benefits

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