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We have values and goals that we consistently pursue. What is most important to us?


The traditional Thai Massage that we offer restores the proper course of life energy in the body. From the first treatment, it improves your well-being and when used regularly – it reduces the level of stress, relieves pain & hundreds of ailments, relaxes, teaches body awareness and introduces you to a completely new level of pleasure.
You have to experience it!


We have great respect for the heritage of Thai natural medicine, from which we draw handfuls. Massages are performed by the best masseuses from Thailand & Bali, which we have personally selected. It should be remembered that in the Land of Smiles a masseur is much more than a profession – it is a life path, a mission whose goal is self-improvement. Only a very focused masseur who enters the state of meditation during the ritual will perform it properly, providing the client with all its wonderful effects. That is why our masseuses have a certain amount of time to rest and regenerate after each treatment – massage is a huge energetic effort for them. Everything takes place with us respecting Thai rules and traditions.


We teach body awareness and emotions, we treat you holistically. That is why we also teach what stress is, how to distinguish good from bad and how to reduce its level when needed. We are all exposed to chronic stress these days, but few of us know how to deal with it. Here, with the answers to many questions, comes the traditional Thai massage, which – with elements of passive yoga and acupressure, effectively reduces the level of cortisol and offers us a completely different, better standard of living based on harmony.


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