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Which massage will be the most suitable for me?

At Om Thai Spa we treat each of you individually and try to choose relaxation that meets your needs. We recommend a free consultation service for people who have not used Thai and Balinese massages before. This will help us get to know you and your needs better. During the fifteen-minute consultation, we will introduce you to the world of Thai and Balinese massages. We will answer all your questions regarding our services. Information about past injuries and pains in the body is necessary to choose the most appropriate form of regeneration for you.

What distinguishes us as a Massage Salon?

Our Thai massage salon is absolutely new in Poland, a unique concept that combines a wide range of traditional Thai Massage treatments performed by masseuses from Bali, with the best Polish ecological and vegan cosmetics. We relax, regenerate and recharge natural batteries. Our ambition is to give you happiness every day: with a smile, in harmony with yourself, without rush. Come feel and fall in love with our massages!

How to make reservations at Om Thai Spa?

To book a date for a massage at Om Thai Spa:
– call us! tel. +48 538 300 108,
– write us a message at,
– write to us on Facebook or Instagram
– book your visit via the Booksy application or come to our salon, which is located in a revitalized tenement house at ul. Sienkiewicza 56 / 2U, we are waiting for you!

What gift / gift forms are available at Om Thai Spa and how do they differ?

There are three gift forms at Om Thai Spa. These are:

  • personal invitations to an individually selected massage, available for purchase in stationary and online
  • vouchers: 100 pln / 200 pln / 300 pln / 400 pln / 500 pln and 1000 pln, which you can buy stationary or online
  • voucher “PodajDalejDobro” – our original gift voucher, about the idea of which you can read here, available for purchase only in our salon

What is the idea of the #PodajDalejDobro Voucher?

The #PodajDalejDobro voucher was created for clients who needed to share this experience with a loved one right after the massage.

  1. You come to Om Thai Spa for a massage.
  2. After the massage, you can book another visit #foryourself, as well as buy a #PodajDalejDobro voucher for someone important.
  3. After purchasing a massage, you choose whether your loved one will receive a voucher directly from you in a paper version or in the form of an e-voucher, which we will send anonymously to the recipient. When the recipient comes to Om, he learns that you are the giver.

How to cancel a booked visit to the Om Thai Spa?

Each client, after booking a visit, may cancel it 24 hours before, informing the reception team by means of communication chosen by them; phone, sms, social media. In the event of a triple cancellation of the booking date, we will prevent it from being made in our Booksy system and in the booking calendar until you arrive at the salon and pay for the selected massage in advance.

How to use the received massage invitations and vouchers?

Have you just received an invitation or a voucher for a massage at Om Thai Spa? Fantastic! We are waiting for your booking! When making it, we will ask you to provide the number of the invitation or a price of the voucher. Invitations, vouchers and the “PodajDalejDobro” voucher are valid for 6 months from the date of purchase. If the visit is not completed within this period, it becomes invalid, but if the visit is canceled for less than 24 hours – we treat the invitation or voucher as completed.

What is the possibility of providing a massage for pregnant women?

At Om Thai Spa we offer massages mum to be, along with a certificate from the attending physician, informing that there are no contraindications for a massage session. It is a document that will provide comfort to both the woman and the therapist. The masseuse will offer the most convenient relaxation for the mother-to-be, which will bring relief and relax properly, without risking the health of the woman or her baby’s health.

How often can I come for a massage?

There is no definite answer to this question. It all depends on your well-being and comfort and the set goals. We usually recommend that our clients to find a time #forthemselves at least once a week. Scientific research suggests that regular massage can greatly improve our mental and physical health.

Can children and minors book a massage at Om Thai Spa?

We enable massages for children and minors with the written consent of a parent or guardian, in their presence. The guardian can wait in the relaxation area until the massage is finished, or use our services together with an underage person.


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